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Here is a collage of the many pets that have preceded our Family Pet Hall-of-Famer Carlos

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Our Menagerie

Our first puppy, Kahlua, was a cute ragamuffin. Unlike Carlos, she loved going for drives and was very comfortable in her spot above the back seat. And being our first, she is the only dog that had her own Christmas stocking.


Mommy, Kahlua, and Michael??

Aw Lucy, my brown eyed girl. Cute as a button and very photogenic though she never realized she was a dog. Soon after we got Lucy, Alvin came to us not as a puppy but maybe a year old. Alvin is the only dog I knew to smile. If you didn’t know he was grinning at you, you’d think he was showing his teeth. Both Alvin and Lucy loved to camp and we did a lot of camping during their formative years.

Along the way, we’ve had two birds Wilbur and Bird. Wilbur, the cockatiel, was on my shoulder so often I was asked once if I was a painter. You see, I would go to PTA meetings with bird poop on the back of my shirt. Funny thing was, I was the President leading the meetings. I’m not even sure how we acquired our uncreatively named bird “Bird”, but he was an ornery fella and part of the family for several years.

Carli had a hamster for a few years, Clyde, who would escape from his cage. Days later we might find him in the couch or behind a kitchen counter but we always got him back~~~Back you go, darn vermin! Carli buried Clyde in the backyard.

Oh yea, Carli also had a couple goldfish she won at a carnival. She had these guys, Goldie & Pumpkin for so long one of them(I don’t remember which one) had dementia and would swim upside down.

And then there is Herman and Otik, our aquatic frogs. They were a Christmas gift five years ago. With a life expectancy of just 2-3 years, they’re still kickin’. We’re not sure what to do with them when we hit the road. It may be another year or two before they croak.

Guess we’ll put them up for adoption. Anyone interested? Click on the Herman and Otik link above.

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