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Our prolonged stay in Ventura has been extended. Arne and Michelle need us around at least another week. That’s okay with us.

A nice amenity about staying here is our evening Netflix feature. There is no TV so we gather around Arne’s large computer monitor and enjoy a show. Our favorites are the music documentaries and last night was Who is Harry Nilsson(And Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him). A word play on his “almost” one-hit-wonder. A song we play on our road trip music compilation- Everybody’s Talkin’.


The the irony behind Nilsson’s musical career is that he wrote so many songs and his big hit, Everybody’s Talkin‘, was written by someone not named Nilsson. His incredible voice and range inspired many other musicians including the Beatles, Elton John, and Brian Wilson. These were the types of musicians of that era talkin’ about Nilsson. The song is most memorable in the 1969 Oscar winning Picture of the Year, Midnight Cowboy.


My favorite line in that song is Going where the weather suits my clothes. Reminds me that we are still living out of our packs and traveling east through the hot southwest when the weather suits our dog. Still mighty hot for an old black dog.

So as we continue monitoring weather along our route, which includes portions of Route 66, another week here in coastal Ventura would suit us just fine. And going where the weather suits our clothes means a stop in Apple Valley, CA to visit an aunt and a detour to the Route 66 Museum.


I’m going where the sun keeps shining…

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