Every Nickel Counts

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We’ve hit a lull in our goal of selling one thing every week. Last week we didn’t sell any “thing”. NOOOOOOO!

Since April 2013, there have been weeks we’ve sold multiple things and some weeks only one. Might be the change in the weather, but it turns out the change is on the ground.

Chance has it that while walking the dog through the park I found a dime. As we continued our stroll, I couldn’t help but stare down at the ground trying to catch a glimpse of any shiny coin. Guess what? I ended up with 36 cents in my pocket. That will go into our change pot. When the pot is filled, we cash in, turning those coins into dollars. Dollars fill the vault.

Change Happens

Change Happens

Luckily, yesterday someone came to pick up the wine rack, so we’re good for this week. That wine rack sat through two yard sales, and had been posted on Craigslist for two months. SOLD! $10 in the vault!

While pursuing our goal, every nickel counts.


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