Europe Is On Sale

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Last time we were in Europe in 2013 a Euro cost us $1.40. Today that same Euro cost $1.13. To put this value into perspective let’s do the math over a pint…


This Pint Is Resting~90 Seconds

In Ireland, an Imperial pint of Guinness was typically 6 Euro or $8.40. This same pint today is $6.78. On a traveler’s budget we could have two.

Consider this: If you travel for two weeks in the “Euro Zone” three of your nights stays would be FREE. And in the case of Ireland, three FREE full Irish breakfasts.

This is a good time to visit Europe where you’ll get more for your money with this 20% discount. What’ll it be? Springtime in Paris or an Irish Spring?

DSC_0077 (1)

Cheers! Here’s to FREE Beers!

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