Election Season

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If Central California was partial to everything tri-tip, in Southern California it’s everything tacos, especially fish tacos. Of course, CenCal has the rolling landscapes suitable for cattle grazing, SoCal has the swells of the Pacific where schools of fish are harvested.Here in Ventura there is a taco joint on every street corner or adjacent to the Mexican carnicería(meat market). If you want the best deal on tacos in this town, head out on a Tuesday night~Taco Tuesday!!

Tonight we’re at Spencer Makenzie’s and we’re not the only ones. That’s okay and that’s why these tacos are World Famous. It’s election season again and these tacos were voted best fish tacos in Ventura County the last seven years. Polls rank these tacos in the top 50 in all of America.


The Vote Is In~Spencer Makenzie!!

This Taco Tuesday, I elected the grilled fish taco. For five bucks I get Two 4 One. Hali went with the other candidate, the tempura taco. Same issue, five bucks gets Two 4 One. We both nominated these tacos’ running mate~an ice cold $4 pint of IPA. I think we both had winners.

We had our favorite tri-tip joint in Central California but here in SoCal Spencer Makenzie gets our votes for best fish tacos this side of the blue Pacific.


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