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Last week we tried out one of the many food cart blocks in SE Portland. Our food options were Holy Mole, a Kale Kart, falafel, and the Mac Shack. There was even a beer cart with a sign posted above a few kegs~~~ Kegger-Ator.

Seeing as I never make falafel at home, I went with that. Just couldn’t figure out why the line for the Mac Shack was six or seven deep wondering why would people wait for macaroni & cheese when you can make it at home.

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This Kid Bakes & Takes The Cake

Last night I pulled from the kitchen shelf the first cookbook I got as a kid. This ’60’s vintage cookbook has simple yet tasty, easy to follow recipes any nine- year-old kid can prepare. Flipped the pages until I found the uniquely colorful dish I was about to prepare~Polka-dotted Macaroni & Cheese.

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Simple, Tasty, Fun

Like I said, simple:

  • Elbow macaroni
  • Campbell’s cheddar cheese soup
  • Milk
  • Frankfurters

While the Mac Shack food cart offered different variations of this dish with a selection of cheeses and toppings, one ingredient is common~Elbow Pasta. My favorite substitution for the franks~>bacon.


Move over Mac Shack! There’s a new kid on the block!


Woody’s Mac & Cheese Kitchen


**Mac of the Week**

Porka-dotted Mac & Cheese…mmm bacon!

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 ~Coming Soon To NOPO~*

*For those non-Portlanders, NOPO=North Portland

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