El Super~Fiesta Time!!

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A trip to Oxnard California is not complete without a stop at the Mexican Market. Afterall, this is the “salad bowl” of America and today we stopped at El Super. This ain’t no fancy plants Whole Foods. No, most of the produce is local and very inexpensive. A chance for the poor migrant workers who grow and harvest these plants to get a great deal on food.


Salsas~31 Flavors

We were the only blonde english-speaking people in this small colorful store but we sorted through the produce and carniceria(butcher) sections and only spent $22. This included a bushel of produce, a couple pounds of shrimp, and a yummy sticky pan of flan.


Tonight it’s shrimp kebabs and a summer vegetable mix on the grill, Hali’s home pesto pasta, and flan for dessert. Let’s see, with this paint-sized can of hominy it’ll be the traditional pozole Saturday and Mexican menudo Sunday.

Viva la Mexico!!


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