Earning Trust

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At our summer garage sale we rid ourselves of what I affectionately call CRAP. The leftovers are set aside for sale on our local Craigslist. Too valuable for a garage sale, too tedious for eBay.


Karl’s Knife

This vintage fishing knife belonged to Hali’s Dad. Knowing Karl, he probably spent no more than $10 for it back in the 50’s. Since last July I’ve been trying to get that ten bucks back. First at our garage sale, and for months on Craigslist. Last week I got a bite from Wisconsin. This is how I reeled in Richard…

Hello from Wisconsin. That would be a great fishing knife for me. I was wondering if you could mail it to Wisconsin for 15.00 ? Thanks for your time. Best Regards, Richard Peterson, Weyauwega, Wisconsin.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your interest in the pocket knife. I don’t normally handle CL transactions by mail, but if you have a Paypal account I would consider. I can ship as soon as Monday.


Hi Mike. My bad luck. I don’t have a paypal account. My son said I live in the stone age. I guess it’s coming back to bite me. I’d sure gamble mailing 15.00 in cash. Best Regards, Richard……

Gambler? Yes, I suppose so. Mail me the $15 and I’ll ship the knife promptly. Guess I’m a bit of a gambler as well sending someone in Wisconsin my address. I spent a week in Door County after a game at Lambeau a couple years ago- Good folks up there. Mike

Hi Mike. Thanks for your trust. I think all football fans should attend a game at Lambeau. I live about 50 miles from there and have been to quite a few. Door county is especially nice in the summer time. Some Wisconsinites look at it as a tourist trap but it’s all in what your looking to do. Anyway, I’ll get the cash mailed Monday and thank you very much. Best Regards, Richard…….

Five days later this was delivered to our mailbox~


A Couple Fins

Hi Richard-

Received some cash today. I will ship tomorrow with the little box- I’ll also send a tracking number. Stone Age is still alive.



 Hi Mike. There is hope for old fossils like myself. Didn’t need high tech. Just cash and trust and a little gamble. Looking forward to the knife. Any idea of age ?  Yeah, I know, it’s not as old as me. Stone age rules, Richard………..

He earned my trust. I, after postage, netted a couple fins. Not to mention a momentary stone aged PenPal.



Earning TRUST is pursuing commonality.

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