Dude Beach~

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Imagine Peak Season!

Dude Beach or Dud Beach?

Last week we shared a few hidden gems, today we uncover an overexposed rock.

Carolina Beach was a breath of fresh sea air after the frat party we were uninvited to down at Myrtle Beach.

We Built This City on Rock and Roll

We Built This City on Rock and Roll

The free Starship concert on the beach was a throwback to my Rock ‘n’ Roll roots, but boy, I don’t miss the beer guzzlin’ and inappropriate fraternizing of these college kids. Getting away from Myrtle Beach as quickly as possible was first on the agenda the next day after waking up Sunday morning in a Walmart parking lot. We both agreed Myrtle Beach was mostly forgettable.

Carolina Beach is a short 90 minute drive north. This small beach town has the feel of Santa Cruz in the 1970’s.P1010523

It’s uncrowded, family oriented, and has that East Coast version of the nostalgic stroll down the boardwalk on warm summer nights.

P1010466_2 Being early on a Monday, most of the boardwalk shops weren’t even open for business. Just wanted a few postcards and maybe a free fudge sample. We did get to the beach before 9am, just before the “NO DOGS” rule kicked in and snuck onto the boardwalk just for a moment to pose for these cools shots.

Hugging the Coast, and my dog


Then we headed towards the harbor where the shooting of a new History Channel series was taking place. It’s a show called Sixth, about Navy Seals, and by golly, we were extras in a brief 30 second shooting. Extras, that means background people (and in this case, a dog too).


We were placed in front of the harbor, sitting in front of a brick landscaped, shaded entryway. The “ACTION” extras walked up the street, down the harbor front , and a jogger loped through the intersection as they shot this scene…P1010476


If you’re lucky enough to catch this episode, filmed in this tiny beach town in front of a seafood shack, you might also just catch Carlos’ film debut. He’s the old black dog with the blue bandana walking us. This was an unplanned event- a surprise. Just happened to be strolling the boardwalk at the perfect time.


Afterwards, Carlos was awarded with a cheeseburger in what many around here in Carolina Beach call “paradise”. A perfect time in paradise.

Sorry Myrtle, you get the lame “dud” beach award.

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