Ducks and A Turkey

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Well, we’ve come to the last day of 2014 and I must confess it’s been a whirlwind year. We’ve moved twice, once us, once Carli. Sold two homes. Bought and sold 3 cars, not including Hali’s moms. Mastered the art of Craigslist. Eaten off sticks for a week in Minnesota. And in a short five months will be homeless. That’s right, we’ve notified our landlord that we will be “vacated” May 31st.

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So today in celebration of this little blue house that we’ve enjoyed this past year, I’m cooking a turkey. Why not? It’s cold outside and a good day to be in the kitchen. Time to start clearing out shelves and the freezer is jam packed. Besides, the Oregon Ducks play tomorrow in the first ever college football playoffs and we may have some hungry fans knockin’ on our door.

With this twenty pound turkey, I’m going unconventional in our conventional oven. The turkey will be roasted with it’s back facing up. Yea, it may not look pretty, but I’ve heard from some noted poultry chefs that the juices flow down towards the breasts as it cooks. The last half hour of cook time, simply flip the bird over to its prettier side and brown. Let it rest while we put together the final spread~~~


Pear walnut stuffing

Cranberry relish

Roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic reduction

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Kale, shaved brussels, radicchio, with asiago cheese, herb crouton crumble and lemon garlic vinaigrette salad(talk about a mouthful)

Here’s to our next adventure in the coming year and to the Hollywood* ending of 2014…Cheers!

Who knows where we’ll be New Year’s Eve 2015. We just may be knockin’ on your door.

Oh yea, and GO DUCKS!!

*Hollywood is the name of our neighborhood and the branch office Hali has managed for over twenty years.

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