Destin, Florida

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Halfway down the Florida panhandle, on the Gulf Coast, is the beach town of Destin. We’ve heard of Clearwater Beach, Naples Beach, Cocoa Beach, Sun of Beach, but not Destin. When we had a tire blowout near Houston, the only place the tow truck driver had ever been outside of Texas was Destin, Florida. Dang, no need for a passport for this guy, he might as well have been in Havana. So we rolled the dice and chose Destin as our Florida beach destination which is within striking distance of our final destination of Winter Garden.

Thankfully we pulled into Destin on a Monday. Weekends are very busy seeing as this town is “resorty” and October happens to be prime time for the coastal fishing derbies. We saw the leftover tournament action written in chalk on the leader board Tuesday morning on the nearly empty boardwalk.

p1030865We also saw a few locals drinking the “breakfast of champions” before scrubbing out their fishing charters set for the next weekend. Too bad, I already had breakfast. Biscuits and gravy.p1030874

We also noticed that this marina and boardwalk was very dog friendly. Something that’s hard to find in a tourist town yet locals make sure Fido and his owners are responsible enough to allow them here. The pet owner, tourist dollar “speaks“. Woof, Woof.


Many of the storefronts had water dishes out for Carlos, outdoor restaurants had “preferred” seating for dogs AND special dogs for dogs menus. Thanks Dave. On the peoples menu were southern favorites which we were craving. I turned down the oyster po’ boy for a fried green tomato BLT.


Hali went with the shrimp and grits. Carlos, he patiently waited for his complimentary soft serve.


Probably not the only one night stand here in Destin. I’m thinking back to that Texas tow truck driver who, for him, Vegas would be another country. We would have loved to have spent another night here.

For us, it seems Destin had it all. The beach, dog friendly, great southern cooking, and a calm mid-week atmosphere that might bring us back on a party weekend. . . without Carlos.

Thanks tow truck driver for the tip.


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