Cutting The Cord

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Good riddance! I’ve been waiting with great anticipation for this day. After being a Comcast customer for over twenty years, we’re finally cutting the cord.

We have one TV, always have, and rarely watch it. It’s never been the centerpiece of our living room. Why would it? TV’s are ugly. I can’t see how our cable company can justify gouging their long-time customers. Oh yea, they only have one competitor and that company installs a big, even uglier, DISH atop your house. I also don’t understand why some people look at them all day long. Sure, the TV is on Sundays during football season and we have our favorite guilty pleasure reality show to watch but when we turn the TV on and the only channel that captivates us are Seinfeld reruns, it’s time to unplug.


The Internet? Yea, we’ll miss the convenience of logging on in the comfort of the bed, but by being resourceful, finding FREE internet is not that difficult.

A few years ago I went out and spent $80 for that modem box that Comcast rents for $10-$12 a month to its customers. We then went for just the Basic option to save a little more. After looking closely at our billing statement, we were also being charged $10 a month for something called BLAST. I called and asked about this BLAST.

Oh, BLAST increases the strength of your internet signal so that it reaches all areas of your house.”

Well, our living space is about 1000 square feet so BLAST was an unnecessary $10 a month they had snuck in there.

So at one point we were getting cable TV and the internet for under $100. But it kept creeping up as we used it less. That just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like paying to go to major league baseball game and playing cards in the parking lot with your buddies.

We have better plans for spending $1800 a year. Let’s see, Hmmm… the Giants play in Tampa late September. GO GIANTS GO! LET”S GO!!

Our weekly reality show? I’m not tellin’! I WILL tell you though, that we can SURVIVE without a TV.

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