Crazy Hour

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Every town in America has it’s favorite burger joint. Here in Portlandia, our favorite is just a bike ride away. When we get those burger cravings, we hop on the Woody and pedal up to Killer Burger.

Killer Burger serves up a dozen or so burgers, all with bacon. Each 1/3 pound all beef patty is cooked to order and their sauces are all made in house~including the peanut butter sauce. Yep, peanut butter. Something Elvis might order is the PBPB, the peanut butter pickle bacon burger. And if you order the PBPB or the Classic during Crazy Hour they’re under six bucks. With fries heaped high and a cold micro brew, this burger beer bonanza will set you back barely $9.

The Classic

The Classic


For the pepper lover they offer the Jose Mendoza: House roasted peppers along with bacon and jack cheese. Top it off with grilled onion, smokey house sauce, and OLE! you’ve got yourself one Killer Burger.

Another signature burger, especially at brunch, is the Barnyard. This burger has ham, egg, bacon, and all the garden fixin’s~ including a stack of spuds, served up all hours.

Rain or shine, we prefer to sit outside with my dog. And since today we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary, I told Hali she could have anything on the menu, as long as it had bacon. That way if she doesn’t eat it the dog will~ Carlos, not me.

Pull out the ketchup and napkins, you’re gonna need them.

Killer Burger. Best Burger in town!

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