Craft Brew Haiku

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July is officially CRAFT BEER month in Oregon. There are IPAFests, DryHopFests, GrowlerFests, and even an “unofficial” WoodyFest. If it has anything to do with beer, Portland will throw a festival.

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Last month I submitted a haiku to the Oregon BEER Growler monthly rag. Incredibly they published it! Guess what I won? No, not a seat on the BeerCycle(that was second place). A FREE beer! But because OLCC(beer law) outlaws FREE beer, I got a check for $4 from the Craft Beer Alliance for winning third place in the haiku contest~WooHoo!

If I use this four bucks wisely, I could get more than just a pint of FREE beer. In fact, on Tightwad Tuesday at my favorite watering hole, I’ll get nearly two pints of delicious local craft beer~Double WooHoo!!

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Craft Beer Month In Portland

Two FREE beers for something that took me less than 30 seconds to belch out:

Time to celebrate

Oh Boy, Are we having FUN?

Pour me another

I actually stole that second line from Flounder in Animal House but hey, FREE beer is FREE beer. Plus, Animal House was filmed in Eugene. I wonder if they caught that?

Third Place? Next month I’m going for First Place!(a seat on the BeerBus) Let’s hope I’m the only one entering the contest when beer month will be officially over.

~Triple WooHoo!!!

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