Cowboy Coffee

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We’ve never been the coffee shop type. Sure, we like good coffee but hangin’ out in a trendy corner coffee shop was never our bag. When we can, we like to grind our own beans and let Mr. Coffee do the brewin’ but Mr. Coffee died a few months ago.

The counters in our kitchen certainly could not accommodate one of those bulky one-serving coffee contraptions and counter space in the van will be at a premium so we went with this old-fashioned stainless steel percolator. No need searchin’ for a hot pad, I duct taped a heat resistant pad to the pourin’ assembly.

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Should we have the inklin’ for just one cup, we’re takin’ along this lightweight, portable, eco-friendly coffee strainer. Keeps the grounds out, good and hot. If we’re fixin’ for a full pot of cowboy coffee, we’ll use the percolator. It’s a bit muddy, but it’s good and hot.

YeeHaw! Got that pinch of grinds ‘tween my cheek and gum.

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