Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood Supermarket

As mentioned earlier, although our visit to San Diego’s Museum Of Man BEERology exhibit fell flat, I did learn one beer fact for the origin of the term GROWLER.

Ancient man, mostly in South America, would brew and fill ceramic jugs or gourds with a fermented concoction. While they were carrying these jugs home from their local “brewer” the foamy liquid would belch and growl. Wow!! GROWLER! That’s cool! Who knew?

Today I was in my local supermarket and back near the beer and wine aisle this caught my eye…

photo 1

Super Dog~Lucky Lab

About a dozen local beer taps with a board above describing each beer and the price to fill a growler. That’s right, a growler station smack dab in the middle of my Piggly Wiggly. And to top off my excitement~Super Dog, one of my local favorites, for a drop under ten bucks. $2.50 a pint and no need to tip. Had I taken Carlos to the Lucky Lab Pub(which I still do on occasion) their imperial pints would set me back $4.50 with a stink eye for not tipping.

photo 2

Growler Fill Station

With this new addition to my local supermarket, I’m not sure who the lucky dog is now, Carlos or me? And it’s true, my growler was belching and growling all the way home.


What’ll it be, Super Dog?

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