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DSC_0007-1024x682Carli had this past week off work at Disney. She is currently recuperating from getting a mouthful of princess teeth pulled-her wisdom teeth. What a way to spend vacation time-with chubby cheeks. Not to worry, she’ll be smiling again for the guests by Saturday. But it wasn’t chipmunk cheeks, smoothies, and ice packs all week. No sir. Carli wanted to get as far away from theme parks and head to the beach for a good old fashioned family camp trip. So we packed up the van, snacks and supplies, Carlos, and headed east. Destination, Cocoa Beach.

vw_0001 3


We camped just north of Cocoa Beach. Home of I Dream of Jeannie and just across the cape from the space center where major Nelson worked. We didn’t see Jeannie or major Nelson but were lucky enough watch the successful launch of a SpaceX rocket. Carlos was not the least bit interested and it felt a bit like a Disney attraction.


Lots of people waiting an hour or so before launch time for a ride that lasts about two minutes. AND like any Disney attraction, well worth the wait. In any case, our spaced out family enjoyed the ride and we’re quite excited about the future of the space program.


The Falcon Has Ascended

This was also our first camp where a guest slept upstairs in the van-the top bunk. That’s right, THOR was German designed so that two adults sleep downstairs and two children sleep up top. How’d she sleep? Like Sleeping Beauty with swollen cheeks and as tight as a genie in a bottle. BUT no complaints. I couldn’t say we all slept like babies, more like small children with a dog sandwiched between.


Camp essentials

Carli read haunting stories around the campfire~Who stole my toe?~ and I prepared s’mores  with peanut butter cups as Hali fussed with the fire while Carlos napped on his favorite Mexican blanket.


Dreaming of…?



Jeannie? Nope, Ariel.



thFlying a kite was thrilling. Yahtzee entertained. Grilled tuna patties were delicious. We can check off  rocket launch from our bucket list-√. Scary stories? Not so scary. A toe? What the…?

BUT  the most special part of the week was spending time with our little family and Carlos while Carli’s smile healed.


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