Christmas in October?

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Why not? We were on our way to Winter Garden from “the Cape” and took the 5-mile detour to this tiny community in east Orange County. With the exception of the few people strolling with masks on, nothing here appears like Halloween. Here, on a cool 83 degree day, it’s all about Christmas.

The easternmost town of Orange County is Christmas. Here is a year round Santa, a sleigh, and an artfully decorated Christmas tree. This little town is more than a roadside attraction, come December people from all over flock to the post office to get their Christmas letters postmarked from Christmas, Florida.

Of course, it’s not Christmas without Christ.

For those of you that are wondering if there has ever been a white Christmas here, yes, in 1990. Before the children woke to their stockings stuffed by Santa, there was a “trace” dusting of snow on Santa’s hat. For us, we’re not dreaming of a white Christmas here in Florida. We’re dreaming that Christmas comes early. Maybe as early as this week.

Fort Christmas

Up the road a few miles is a fort that was constructed in the early 1800s to defend the original Florida man from native Seminal Indians. A full-scale replica of Fort Christmas was built by Orange County Parks with guidance from the Florida Historical Society. Our experience is that it looks just like a fort~a fortified military installation~without the troops.

Roadside Attraction

But wait, there’s even more! Just down the road is a jungle park. It wasn’t the big sleeping black bear or the elusive mountain lion that scared us away, it was the $23 admission price. We’ll be back in a few years when our senior discount kicks in. So instead, Hali snapped a couple photos of SWAMPY, the worlds largest gator. Get a load of this beauty. . .

And in a year where it’s been more like Halloween than Christmas, We wish you a Merry Halloween.


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  1. Audrey P Adams

    Glad you’re still finding fun travel adventures without traveling! Someday soon I hope you’ll be back on the travel trails. Love to all.


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