Christmas in July?

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I was on a bike ride back in July when I came across this little fir tree abandoned at the curb. Knowing what little space we have in our little house for a tree come Christmas, I put that little tree on the back of my bike and pedaled it home.

At home, I found the biggest ceramic pot I could find and planted this little tree in it and have nurtured it ever since. Also knowing that Oregon is probably the world’s capital of Christmas trees I decided to proclaim this little tree as the Pope Family Christmas Tree this holiday season. I had considered dressing up Carli’s American Girl Doll artificial tree(grown in China), but after 25 years of REAL Christmas trees I wasn’t about to go FAKE.


So this LIVE little tree is decorated and sits comfortably outside on the deck as we celebrate it from inside. When the holidays are over, I’ll simply take off the lights and leave it in its pot for the next tenants to enjoy, all year long.

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