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Last weekend we had the chance to visit the Chinese Garden in Portland’s Chinatown. The garden had some mystifying features we thought “enlightening”. What appeared to be a walk in the forested park was actually a miniature potted pine tree. China’s version of a Japanese bonsai or in Chinese, penjing.

photo 1

Thriving Forest

photo 2

In a Pot

Back in one of the tea houses was an interactive fortune teller. In a Yahtzee cup were dozens of wooden sticks. Before selecting a stick, give the cup a good shake and pick just one. On the tip of each stick is a number that coincides with a number in a drawer below. Open the drawer and grab your fortune.

My fortune read:

Number “twelve” is a lucky number since emperors; it will bring success to all your plans.

Hali’s fortune:

The best of the numbers is “twenty-eight”, so don’t hesitate. Quiet perseverance brings a lasting happiness and you will get your wish.

photo copy 2


Unfortunately, Mama Chow’s food cart was closed for the day. Perhaps the best wonton soup in Chinatown on a cold Saturday. Lucky for us, however, we caught the tail-end of the No Pants Day Parade from the MAX train to Pioneer Square.

~~~ Only in Portland.

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