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Nine o’clock is my normal bedtime. Even when the World Series starts at 8pm, I’m usually in bed by nine. Last Sunday night was different. The Cubs were ready to be scalped. They’d lost the first two at home to the Indians and were in a do-or-die situation. They had to win to stay alive. Most of all, Cubs fans who have patiently waited for this moment, desperately wanted to wave their signature W banners after Sunday’s game. Wrigley’s first World Series W since Game 6 in 1945. And at 11:23pm, they did it! I hadn’t fallen asleep.P1030367

There’s no way I could have. Tonight was historic. For me, it was as much of a thrill as watching the 1980 U.S. Winter Olympic men’s hockey team upset the Soviet Union for the gold medal~Miracle on Ice. Dan Bunz #57 and the 49ers goal line stand in Super Bowl XVI. And though I wasn’t there, the 1936 men’s rowing event at the Hitler hosted Berlin Olympics. The U.S team stunned the world. Good book, The Boys in the Boat. Underdogs all the way, and for you folks in the Northwest, a must read. These boys were from the Seattle area.

I couldn’t miss this game. I stayed up way beyond nine innings, after the last pitch, to watch the Cubs fans revel in their glory. It wasn’t so much about the nail biting 3-2 final score, it was more about the passion these fans have for their “lovable losers“. Tonight was different. They were winners.


There was no mad dash for the exits after the final out. No mass mobs out onto the field. Nope, right off the bat, the large W banners waved in the “all smiles” sections of the park. And in unison the 50,000 fans inside Wrigley and the thousands partying in the streets outside in Wrigleyville sang the Cubs anthem…

Go, Cubs, Go
Go, Cubs, Go
Hey Chicago, whaddaya say?
The Cubs are gonna win today.

Yes, tonight it was about the Cubs win. Baseball history has now been updated. More importantly, this game was a win for all sports fans. Also for the Cleveland Indians who haven’t won a World Series since Harry Truman was president.P1030351

Even if the Cubs lose the World Series, this year was special. Having spent the entire summer in Chicagoland, we were able to see the electricity and excitement this team brought to the city. Hali went to her first game at Wrigley. A Cubs 2-1 W over the Giants. Again, I reveled in the baseball history of Wrigley Field.Scores are not kept digitally here...

I began writing this post soon after Sunday night’s game. It was still a long shot for the Cubs to go back to Cleveland and win two to win the 2016 World Series. I stayed up for game 7. Again, this would be historic. And though Indians fans are disappointed, Cubs fans have waited generations for this and I believe they were the best team in baseball all year long and deserve this W: the team, the fans, the great baseball city of Chicago.

I don’t even remember the final score, only that the Cubs came out on top. Winners of their first World Series since 1908. 1908, none of us were even alive. Roosevelt was president. Theodore. The outdoorsy Roosevelt. The guy who coined the phrase, “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.”

Well, tonight the Cubs carried their big sticks out to the batters box and history was made.

Go ahead Cubs fans, party all night long, sing your anthem, wave that W banner with pride, you’re no longer the “lovable losers“. I’m going to bed. It’s way, way, way past my bedtime.


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