Carlos & Carli

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Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

a trip down memory lane 2

I can’t recall the year but Carli was five or six years old and by the look of the setting must obviously be Fall. Five or six because this was the Pope Family BC-Before Carlos. 

Carli was the type of child who could not sit still for even a second so for us to pose for this portrait was somewhat of a milestone. We were in a park along the Willamette River gathering leaves for a school project, camera and tripod in hand. Why not? Let’s combine school project with family project and see if Carli would cooperate. For this split second she cooperated.

This is Carlos & Carli last Fall…


Again, along the bank of the Willamette River, Carlos now fourteen and Carli all grown up. Ready, willing, and able to sit still for a FEW seconds. Carlos, he has no choice, he’s old!

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