Campsite Shuffle

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In our month and a half on the road we’ve been in so many campgrounds, I’ve lost track. That’s the purpose of my camp journal. Each campground is different than the next. We’ve been camping where we’re the only campers. It’s true! Zilch, zero, no one, not a soul. Just us.

Now in the peak of summer, we’ve become stand-by campers, especially on weekends. So just like every campground is different, each site in a particular campground is different from the next. And that is how we’ve become the one-night-stand, stand-by campers. I like to call it the “campsite shuffle”. This morning we were in site #73. This afternoon, a short loop over, at site #36. Throw all the gear in the van, lower the top and boogie on down to our new spot. Throw everything out of the van, raise the top and, far-out, same camp different site. It’s got the same amenities, a picnic table and fire ring but the neighbors on each side have changed.


Tomorrow is Saturday so I assure you we’ll be doing the campsite shuffle again before noon here at Pismo Beach State Park. That’s okay, flexibility is a required ingredient for our slow & steady diet all while exercising with the van dance. We won’t get too acquainted with our camp neighbors. Sometimes that’s a good thing.

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