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This book has finally paid off. Tonight we have a FREE in a campsite in California. Just about two miles from the HWY, alongside a creek, maybe ten shady spots all with campfire rings, vault toilets, and NO drinking water. But that’s okay because we have plenty courtesy of the KOA.


Well, maybe it’s not quite FREE. Our $5 bag of cherries we bought back in Oregon were confiscated at the California border. Cherries must be bad luck. The first time we had our Rainer cherries stolen from our table by a darn chipmunk. I know he was the culprit, the plastic bag was lodged into a hole at the base of a tree stump with only three cherries left.

I think we’ll keep buying corn. It’s easy on the grill, great with BBQ’ed chicken,  and passes the California agricultural inspection station. I might also add that there are several bear warnings. The garbage has special locks, the “keep food inside” warnings are posted all over.

Tonight I am prepared for bears. I’m tying my bear bell to my sandal and pulling out the bear club, just in case. If Yogi and Boo-Boo stop by, I’ll be prepared. They won’t getting our picnic basket tonight.

Be warned chipmunks: I get the corn, you get the cob, without butter!

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