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We had just spent a night in the state park on the coast of Big Sur. We had the last site. The next day we decided to move south along the beautiful Hwy 1 and try our luck at a campground ON the beach. After getting skunked at two, just 30 miles south, we turned into Kirk Creek-CAMPGROUND FULL. That normally doesn’t mean too much to us so we’d talk with the camp host. “Sorry,” he said, “it’s Thursday, mid-summer and this is the most popular camp site along this stretch of beach.”

When along came our camp angel Jim. He had just set up a tent, canopy, and other camp gear and spotted us in need of a spot. “Hey, I just set up our camp for a large group coming in this weekend but won’t be using it tonight. I’d be happy to let it go for the night if you don’t mind my stuff all put up.” In unison Hali and I said, “We’ll take it!” We offered him the $25 fee for the night, he refused it, and said “enjoy it”. Then, Jim walked away.

I’m not sure if we’re just approachable, lucky, or looked desperate, but it worked this morning.


Carlos has a grassy bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, cool on-shore breezes, and a smile on his face. In fact, we’re all smiling at the view we have been given by the generosity of a complete stranger giving up his spot for the night to a couple hippies from Oregon.

Peace, Jim.

A million dollar view for FREE and piece of mind knowing there are still camp angels just like Jim.

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