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How lucky are we to be here in Ventura during beer week? Lucky enough to find a pint of local craft beer for just two dollars. At two bucks these brewers are practically giving it away. The only FREE beer I normally get is when I volunteer at a beer festival and I missed all of them this summer in Portland.


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As a guest server at these festivals that’s beer well earned after pouring pint after pint of frosty suds to beer fans like me. Then to be rewarded with a few pints of what I’ve been tempted with all day side-by-side biergarten style with my fellow servers is like beervana.

So today at Barrelhouse 101 in downtown Ventura we sampled a couple pints of local IPA. I’m not sure if they have 101 taps or if the Barrelhouse 101 derives it’s name from being located just off the 101~Ventura Highway in the sunshine... Nonetheless, a pint of this same IPA next week will be $7


In the meantime, we’ll be taking advantage of beer events and rubbing mugs with Southern California brewers all week which culminates this weekend in a FESTIVAL. A weekend to sample 140 beers from local(SoCal) breweries.

I won’t be sampling that many this weekend but tonight is the release party of the most sought after and cellared kegs at Surf Brewing and I hope to try a few of these hard to find beers.

Yeah, I missed the Portland beer festivals but I still feel fortunate to catch a big BEER FESTIVAL here in California even if I’m not in front of the kegs pouring pints for local beer fans like me.

A German toast translated from the biergarten:

In heaven there is no beer…
That’s why we drink ours here.


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