Cabin Fever

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Okay, so we’re free and clear from our visit to the local farmers market a month ago. We sampled about 10 party dips. My favorite was bacon and cheddar. Hali liked the crème brûlée. Pretty much how it goes. I like savory, Hali likes sweet. We sampled these with a two inch pretzel stick. The people selling this stuff make it clear: ONE pretzel~ONE dip! DON’T DOUBLE DIP!! Don’t be a dip shit.

That was 31 days ago, and we don’t have any virus symptoms. Just because we dodged that one, doesn’t mean we aren’t heeding warnings. No, although I’d like to, we don’t live in a cave. We are quite aware of the situation, and are following the sensible precautions.

Our Merry Way Was Cut Short

Our country had a stumbling and slow start, BUT we are now a family of four and we don’t point fingers, we keep them washed. And, after hastening our indefinite road trip, to a one week tour, we are in a semi-state of quarantine, and dutiful self observation.

What do you know? My wish came true! We are now living in a cave! Good thing I like the three other people sitting around the campfire every night. AND I just subscribed to my 30-day FREE trial offer of Amazon music.

What’s your favorite campfire music? Right now we’re listening to Five Years by David Bowie. This song came out in 1972. I didn’t realize before, but the 70’s was rife with dooms-day lyrics. Yeah, we may have plenty of marshmallows, but I’ll be out of a lot more than that, and this free music only lasts 30 days.

Ever hear Waiting ’til the end of the World by Elvis Costello? That’s a good one too. Again, written in the ’70’s. With all this music available, I can cope.

You too can get this FREE music from Amazon. All I did was holler at Alexa for a certain song. She said something, and I said, “sure”. Guess I started some sort of 30-day trial. That was simple.

Counting the Days

Oh hey, this is day 10 of our mini-quarantine. That’s good news! Only symptom: a touch of cabin fever. Exasperated by the visqueen draped on our windows for exterior painting.

Through Carli, we have first hand (a very clean hand) experience with this self-quarantine arrangement. We’re following her lead, she’s done this three times: in China, Dallas, and currently, Winter Garden. China’s population is over four times greater than the US, if they can overcome this, so can we.

Apparently the current top requested song on Amazon music is It’s the End of the World, as we know it, and I feel fiiine. An REM song from 1987.

All planning is limited to, today.

And now that spring has arrived, so has spring fever. Something we can all come down with! And, as long as our parkways aren’t packed with public, then Hali can whip out her camera.

About Hali & Woody

We are a couple who took the first steps toward a life of traveling in May, 2015. Staying within the continental US to accommodate our aging dog, we amp’d up the adventure factor by traveling in a VW Vanagon, circa 1985. Our mission is to share irresistible and compelling stories conceived from this life of travel.

9 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Robert Scott

    Well, I am still working, disinfecting the world and making it safe for democracy and all that. And since I am deemed “essential” by the state, that’s the way it will continue . . . for now.

  2. Mike

    Hello Woody and Hali how are you ? This is Mike from Astoria. Whishing wellness
    And love to you. Keep safe during this
    Crazy period of of sadness. DeeDee also
    Wishing you you both well.


    Sending love to you! We’re up in Truckee with plenty of food, coffee and wine, the goal is never heading into town for anything. So grateful for the XC ski area down the street. They stopped grooming as it was determined non-essential so now it’s anarchy, dogs and fat bikes and skiers just going wherever they want and the tracks are getting pretty sketchy. Seems like everyone is keeping their distance though. People are staying away from sports that could cause serious injury it seems. #1 stay out of the hospital!

    1. Woody

      Hi Sheryl~
      All is well here. Staying in as we sort this out. Listen to music and the experts.Yes, stay healthy and home. Love to you both.

  4. Mark Perkins

    We’re back to working on our Frida puzzle. Wrapping up my income tax work for the season from home. Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson has a playlist on spotify everyone can access called “Quanantunes!” For metal fans I came up with two songs: Flyleaf “I’m So Sick” and Eyes Set to Kill “Infected”.

    1. Woody

      Hi Mark~
      We too are home. Carli is here and we’re all staying put with a walk and bike ride squeezed into the day. Listen to music and the experts.Take care and stay healthy.

    1. Woody

      Yeah, that’s a good one. Had a friend in high school who loved that band~Alvin Lee. Stay healthy and keep on keepin’ on. This shall pass.
      Love to you both.


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