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Besides huntin’, fishin’ and paddlin’, these Minnesotans have a knack for cookin’. Especially when it comes to grillin’, on sticks. So while in Ely, I was schooled from the local folk on how to grill on sticks.

They put me up for this cooking challenge: Cook a four course meal with fresh, local ingredients, all on the grill, all on-a-stick. It’s called the Iron Range Chef Challenge.

Here’s what I came up with back home:

Pork chops- Carrolton Farms, Oregon.

Olathe* corn and peaches- Eastern Washington.

Grape tomatoes, yellow squash, and sweet onion- Garden grown. How local is that?

Sticks- Okay, so I needed a little help- Minnesota?

photo 1

Fresh, Local Ingredients

First thing you need to do is soak the sticks in water a couple of hours. The stick is your knife & fork, don’t burn it! Put the corn in the water too, in it’s husk.

Now you can fire up the grill. When the grill gets HOT:

Stick the pork chop lengthwise. Lay pork on grill. Turn in 5 minutes. Let rest 5 more.

Put the corn-on-the-cob-on-a-stick-in-foil-on-the-grill.

Skewer alternately the onion, tomato, and squash. Gently, lay on grill. Ooh pretty!

Slice the peach, stick it, then lay it on warming grill. You want it a little crisp with grill marks, not mushy.

Take all these fresh, local ingredients off the grill by the stick, shuck the corn, lay it all on a plate and serve.

Four Courses- On-A-Stick

Four Courses- On-A-Stick

Iron Range Chef, I stuck this challenge!

The real challenge is gonna be eatin’ all this without a knife & fork.

* Fancy term for white infused yellow corn




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