Bye Bye Grover

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After a productive month in Grover Beach we move south tomorrow to Jalama Beach. Viva la Jalama! We leave Lori and her dogs, a new housemate moving in, and say good-bye to Grover. A bittersweet good-bye.


Carlos Bailey Abbey

It’s been work yet quite a bit of down time to become somewhat of a local here in Grover. We know exactly what paths to take on our walks so that Carlos and his tender paws aren’t limping on gravely streets. We’ve been to our favorite(Lori’s too) sushi place a few times. The neighbors are happy to share their ripe lemons. We’ve gotten used to sleeping on the floor of the bedroom that once had a comfortable bed we sold a week and a half too early. Thor is running and looking better than ever. But in the morning we head out. Still following the mild weather before traveling east.

vw_0001 3

Hang Loose Grover

We were very fortunate with the timing of this layover. Lori’s foot is healing, a perfect time to rent a downstairs apartment, and we have loved the temperate weather. Carlos’ paws are ready for some wet sand, and the two of us ready for that special place just sixty miles south~ Jalama.

Later Days Grover. Whoever Grover is.


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