Butterfly Grove~Let’s Check It Out!!

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In over three months on the road we’ve only spent one night on the side of the road. No, the van didn’t break down. We happened to stop across from the Butterfly Grove along HWY 1 near Pismo Beach to wait for the monarchs to migrate home for the winter.



Unfortunately we didn’t see a single butterfly. Not even a moth migrating to the lantern. The monarchs won’t start assembling in these ancient eucalyptus trees until late October and I’ve heard it’s quite a sight. Thousands of beautiful butterflies spanning generations of monarchs cling together on these trees for the winter months. Most of them traveling thousands of miles.

This fragrant eucalyptus grove soon will be the parking spot for thousands of these wonderful creatures for the winter months. I’d show you a picture of one, but like I said, they haven’t checked in yet. These guys are here year round, never checking out…


Nonetheless, Still a Wonderful Creature

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