Buffets on the Disney Strip

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th-1Crackin’ down? Heck no.

I’ve recently noticed the buffet billboards round these parts changin’ their eatin’ policy. Used to be ALL You CAN Eat. Now it’s ALL You CARE To Eat.


I think they’re sending the wrong message. You see, when I’m at one of these buffets, say the Golden Coral, I simply CANNOT eat any more after four or five trips round that mess hall. Not even one more marshmallow dipped in the chocolate wonderfall fountain. For me, it’s impossible.

But I wish I could. I honestly CARE to dip a whole rack of those Texas BBQ ribs in that there river of chocolaty goodness. Problem is, the plates are stackin’ too high on my table, I’ve let loose my Texas-sized belt buckle, and the waiter stopped bringin’ me napkins.

Chocolate Wunderfalls

White & Dark Chocolate Wonderfalls

Yeah sure, I gotta knack for readin’ people and I’m pretty sure this fella thought it time I go. So, I left. But not after I snuck that rack of ribs behind my belt buckle.

All you CARE to eat, that’s BOGUS!

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