Bribing Santa

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We all know Christmas is all about presents right? Sure. Yesterday the line was out the door at the local Walgreen’s for last minute “gifts”, stocking stuffers, head ache remedies, bottled water?, sun screen, etc. Me, I dropped in for some cherry covered chocolates to complete our “gift” set of reindeer noses.


Great token gift for your last minute Christmas bribe. Yeah, I said the b- word, bribe.  And it works! Especially when traveling on a busy holiday, like Christmas Day. Well, it worked for a Santa hat adorned Hali~she’s cute and armed with reindeer noses. Not sure if it would work for me~Bah!

Hali was facing certain doom in the middle seat on a six hour flight from Orlando to Phoenix. No need to worry about weather delays or expired drink vouchers but elbow room would be nice.

Not knowing if she could get through TSA with 1000 half inch nails pegged to a cut-out wooden board which she claimed was “nail art”, a package of these goodies were at her ready. Just in case.

Nail art no problem. Now, how will she finagle an aisle seat on this flight. Reindeer noses, that’s how. Worked for Santa, right? Flight attendants LOVE their sugar coated passengers.


Don’t worry, Santa could not possibly be bribed, especially by the non-believers. But maybe the pilots could assure an on-time arrival.

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