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Along with Bridgeport Brewing, the Widmer brothers were also pioneers of the early craft beer revolution in Portland. With a grass roots effort these guys established what is today a booming microbrew scene. Not only in Oregon, but globally.

Widmer bought two dilapidated warehouses on the east side of the Willamette River from the city for $1 each provided they restore and create a diverse eco-friendly environment in an area that was essentially falling apart. In 30 years, they’ve turned themselves from microbeer start-up to macrobeer stalwart.

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Hali’s Hands On Hops

To kick off BEER WEEK in Portland, Hali and I took the beer tour at Widmer Brewing. For $5 a tour guide takes us around the stainless steel tanks and describes their brewing process. We’ve done this so many times we kinda know the basics: What are the four main ingredients in beer? What perks do the employees get? When do we get to sample? What is lautering?? Hey, that’s a new one. Lautering is the process that separates the mash(wart) into the clear liquid and residual grain. Learning that brew tidbit alone was worth well worth the admission price.

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Many Mini Macros… MMM

Finally, the tasting room! Our favorite part of the tour. Here we tasted many mini macros and took the cute mini sampler glass home too.

Let’s toast,

To Beer Week!!

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