Bouncing Back

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Have you ever had a cast iron skillet fall on your face? I have. Actually, it bounced off the top of my head and as I reacted to the flying pan, I turned my head only to receive another blow off my upper lip. After the stars disappeared and all the blood cleared up, I was lucky enough to have my smile intact. Only this small two-inch gash on my face. What you don’t see is the cut on the inside of my mouth, just as long.


What does Hali do? Well, after she stopped cracking up, she grabbed some frozen peas from the freezer and smooshed them on my lip. She said it would ease the swelling. My lip wasn’t swelling, it was the bump on my head that was throbbing! My lip was split like I had had just been punched by Mike Tyson for making fun of his lisp. And what’s with that guy’s face tattoo anyway? You trend setter you, Mr. Tyson. This scar should heal up just fine.

So how’d this happen? p1030445It started with a breakfast frittata. Veggies were chopped, eggs cracked, cheese grated, and as I reached for the cast iron skillet which Catherine keeps dangling overhead on this rack, the hook turned and the pan fell on top of me. Reminded me of a Tom and Jerry cartoon scene from The Truce Hurts episode.p1030446 Tom gets battered over the head, then in the face with a frying pan flipped off the stove by Jerry. Remember that one, his pan face? No, well just picture me being pummeled by a pan in the kitchen. Zip! Bop! Pow! Ooooowwwww!


This is a mere setback from some of the other bites, bee stings, and burns I’ve accumulated along the way on this trip. Hundreds of no-see-um bites. Dozens of mosquito bites. A handful of bee stings including one on my forehead and one on my hand where my entire arm ballooned up and yep, a burned wrist (frying sizzlin’ eggplant NOT bacon). Oh yeah, and poison ivy I must have picked up in North Carolina. There’s probably more but the top of my head is swelling so I can’t think of any other issues that might have needed medical attention.


Not to worry, we have a well stocked first aid kit in the van, plenty of bug spray, a sewing kit should this need stitching, and Benadryl for the bee stings. Thank goodness we still have the snake bite kit. I was real nervous crawlin’ around the crawlspace under Carli’s townhome in Florida.

As for my face, hey, Tom the tomcat from the Tom and Jerry Show always bounces back. This little scar and the big hole under my armpit where that dang tick buried itself for a week builds character. Plus, I’ll need to explain that new mouth wrinkle at one time or another.

Funny thing is, not a scratch, dent, or crack in the tile floor. For that, I am thankful. . . Catherine would have killed me…


Kinda surprised I’m still alive and. . . well, having fun. Hard to smile with this gash on my face ready to break open. It’s okay, you can go ahead and laugh, I’ll bounce back.



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