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A couple months ago, we changed blog publishing platforms from Google blogspot to WordPress. Blogspot was user-friendly, reliable, and easy to maneuver around in. Spot on. And although our web site is a work-in-progress, WordPress seems a better blogging tool for computer geeks or DIY’ers. So we’ve become web design do-it-yourself’ers. It’s fun, sometimes frustrating, and always evolving.

With Blogspot and WordPress, the text format is very similar. Though working with photos is not always so straightforward with WordPress. Edit photo? Forget it! It doesn’t work. Typically we have to go the extra step and edit photos with Photoshop.

That is why in recent posts our photos are upside down, backwards, with captions floating around within the text of the blog. But every week we are learning the in’s and out’s of WordPress.

Like I said, computer geeks tend to favor WordPress and their terminology sums it up: code, widgets, sublime text. Blah, blah, blah.

Sublime text, what’s that? Computer geek response—>A sophisticated text editor for code markup and prose. All right den, guess we’re not as sophisticated. Not yet, anyway. We’ll need to drop by the WP tavern for some tutorials.

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