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Right between the equator and the North Pole you can stop and see herds of reindeer in Redmond Oregon~on the 45th parallel.

Here at Operation Santa Claus  you can get this close to Santa’s legendary reindeer, Rudolph. Or wait, this could be Comet. Is it Donner or Donder? Cupid? Blitzen?


Aw Dad, Can we take him home?

No worries, you can see these guys for FREE but don’t expect a visit from Santa. You’ll need to get to the mall and that’s the last place I wanted to go. Santa? I think he’s a bit overrated. Never there when you want him to be there and when he’s there expect HUGE lines and if you’re lucky, fist fights. All of that for a two-inch candy cane and a $24.99+tax photo with a guy with a fake beard. C’mon man! You’re in Oregon, we don’t believe in fake beards!

So drop off the sleigh driven flight path and give these guys a visit. If it wasn’t for this team, Santa would never make it.


Reindeer Games

Ho Ho Ho !!!


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