Baptized and Married in Mexico ON THE SAME DAY!

If it isn’t in the pack – we can get it there!

Hali recently wrote a blog about what to pack for 3 days, or 3 weeks. I’m pretty sure Woody’s razor with the shaving oil was on the list. After taking my final shower before departing to Mexico, I asked Hali if she packed a razor, ” Si, Señor.” So, I put my favorite five blade whisker cutter back in our shower. I was assured the BiC disposable was packed AND if it wasn’t I was also assured that they sell BiCs in Mexico. The oil made it but the razor didn’t.

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I know they sell BiC disposable razors in Mexico right there in the beer isle BUT when I was in the shower after our third day, I hollered to Hali as I fumbled for the hot water, “Will you toss me the razor, por favor? ” “I can’t find it.” she hollered back. “All right then, I guess Woody’s growing a beard.”

Move over Most Interesting Man in the World, there’s a new beard in town. And while you’re at it, una mas Dos XX por favor.

If there was one thing on the packing list that was disposable, it would be that BiC razor. However, that razor was indispensable on this very interesting day in the jungle.

After zip-lining across a crocodile infested lagoon, then baptized with a 30-foot dip in this cold water cenote with a colony of bats. . .

entrance to a cenote

Oh yeah, whose idea was this?!

. . . our 33-year marriage vows were renewed and blessed under a thousand-year-old tree by this Mayan shaman.

The only ones to bear witness to this authentic ritual were our Spanish speaking jungle guide and the tree. A toast with a coconut cup filled with Mayan wine and a “fuzzy” kiss sealed the deal.

Later reborn, the honeymoon began with the sharing of paletas (Mexican corn popsicles). Mine was wedding cake and Hali took the bigger bite. Mazel Tov!!

What color is your paleta?

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