Bathing Thor

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Over four months on the road, drives though mossy Oregon forests, rides on coastal California dunes, puddles of vomit in Nevada, Thor is ready for a bath before we head back to Nevada. Car Wash time? You bet!

We bought $5 in tokens, rolled up our pant sleeves, and got to work on Thor.







IMG_0973 2

I forgot how fun this is. The “wheel of wash” allows you to select how you want to wash your vehicle—>Foam brush, wax, high pressure rinse, low pressure rinse, blow dry. I spun the wheel and chose foam brush and high pressure rinse. As I foamed Thor, Hali followed with her own scrubber scrubbing Thor’s private parts. Four months of road scum down that car wash drain.

We pulled Thor into the vacuum stall. Jackpot!!! I found three quarters in the coin return slot. Thor’s good luck? Perhaps.



We opted for the 5-minute vacuum with your choice of fragrances—>Wild Cherry, Black Ice, or New Car Smell. I gambled and went with New Car Smell. Why not? What are the odds that a 30 year old van smell like a new car with a 5-minute vacuum treatment. Well, Thor wasn’t so fortunate this time. I’m not sure what Black Ice smells like but Thor smelled more like it than a new car. At least he didn’t smell like craps.

In any case, Thor was clean and revitalized. Ready to roll. Roll the dice and head to Vegas.

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