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This past weekend we had the pleasure to tool around one of Seattle’s hippest neighborhoods~Ballard. What a great place to learn how to use Hali’s new tool~her new point and shoot camera. And even though Hali takes most of our photos, I like this camera for its compactness, its many options (including food mode), and its ease of use. My job is to provide Hali the subjects to point and shoot.


Fall Flowers~Farmers Market

It felt a little like taking a student on a field trip. Me with my notepad, Hali with wide eyes and her thinking cap on, camera in hand. This student was hungry so we’ll find some grub. Let’s visit Aunt Harriet for brunch at Hattie’s Hat.

The place was jam packed for breakfast, so we were seated with Aunt Harriet on the lounge side. Hattie’s boasts the BEST BLOODY MARY IN SEATTLE! We didn’t try one, but Hali tried the traditional dish that the early Scandinavians settlers brought to this community~Swedish pancakes with lingonberries. I went for the comfort of a huge bacon & veggie scramble. We left Aunt Harriet’s feeling very satisfied. How Swede it was!

Walked the short mile to see the Ballard Locks. Over a hundred years ago the Army Corps of Engineers dug a fifteen mile channel inland from Lake Washington to Oyster Bay. I always guffaw at this next comment, but it’s “the longest channel OF ITS TYPE in North America”. By OF ITS TYPE, it’s meant that it runs from fresh water to salt water. Out to the Puget Sound.

A Three Hour Tour...

Fishing Vessel

The most impressive feature of the locks is the fish ladder. To think that over 100 years ago they had the forethought to ensure salmon have a means to get by the dam to spawn years BEFORE fish populations began declining. It’s November so we saw just one fish climbing the ladder but come spring there may be thousands.

I’m not sure what this fishing vessel was going after, but after a SLOOPER~SIZED beer at the SLOOP TAVERN we were itchin’ for some raw oysters. These are locally farmed medium blue pool oysters. Just briny enough with the “Finnish of the sea”.


Hali did NOT set her camera to the FOOD mode

So we finished our A+ tour of Ballard. Hali took several shots with her new camera and definitely needs practice. Oh look! There’s a setting option on the camera for FOOD.

Oyster photo B-

Next time set the camera and please, please, please take more than one shot.

Lesson learned… Three shots from a half block away.


Hippy Or Hippie?~ Coffee Cart


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