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We spent nearly three weeks in North Carolina with limited internet access to report on our road trip adventure which is coming up on one year. It’s been a week since, and I’ve got some ketchin’-up to do.


Sometimes we get lucky and land upon a lunch spot that fits the bill for good food, originality, a museum, and in the category of cheap eats. Often times we are at a pickle as where to fuel our tummies and rest our weary buns come noon when we’re on the road. O’Betty’s in Athens was just the joint.

No, it’s not Greek food nor is it in Greece OR Ireland for that matter, we’re at O’Betty’s in Athens, Ohio, a small college town that frankly I’ve never even heard of. Apparently the hometown of talk show host Merv Griffin.

Athens has the charm of tidy town USA. It was Memorial weekend so American flags lined main-street. There was a diner, coffee shop, hardware store, ice cream shoppe, and yes, even a Greek restaurant. But THE place to have lunch is tucked between two larger brick buildings- O’Betty’s Red Hots.

The menu was like the Grand Finale at a drag show as each contestant wiggled its way down the runway…

I’ll take mine plain, thank you

Hali had the Varla “Va-Va-Voom” dog: Varla packs a punch with sauerkraut, bacon, homemade horseradish sauce, and 1000 island dressing.

Woody porked out on the Sophie “Last of the Red Hot Mommas” dog: A juicy Sheboygan bratwurst with Mutha’s mustard, tangy sauerkraut, big eye Swiss cheese, chopped parsley, and diced jalapeños.

Carlos chose the Naked Wiener “Plain and unsophisticated but a doggone good lookin’ dog: A plump and juicy dog with bare buns. No need to relish this dog, just woof it down. From one dog to another.

And I thought the Oscar Meyer Weiner Car was a funny thing

But that’s not all folks, O’Betty’s claims to have the biggest hot dog museum “of its kind” in the world. So we mustard check it out. This museum had everything hot dog from the tabletops to the glass casings.

On the way out of town, even Thor got into the lunchtime leftovers as he hot dogged his way, parading through this 19th century covered bridge like the Oscar Mayer Wiener Wagon on the 4th of July. Notice Carlos the Co~pilot in the middle? Oscar would be tickled.


Thanks Athens, Ohio, for fillin’ our bellies.

When it comes to hot dog joints, O’Betty’s is a WIENER!~The Weenie with the Wiggle~



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