An Invitation to Artegon Marketplace

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Many of you will receive a hand written Artegon postcard within the next couple of weeks wishing you a Happy New Year from

It might look something like this. . .

Art Artegon


Or it could look more like this. . .



In any case, keep your eyes open for the Wish You Were Here greeting from us to begin our new year.

Carli recently invited us out to this indoor market smack dab between the Disney and Universal theme parks in Orlando~The Artegon Marketplace~. Artegon bills itself as the “anti-mall” with the slogan Live a Life Less Ordinary.

This large pavilion is artfully graced with hands-on art, live music, off-beat food stalls, interactive activities, and open spaces which are definitely a distraction from the other attractions here in Central Florida.

This place is original, authentic, extraordinary, and anything but the reality of the parking lot down the street at “The Mall”. A nice way to support small business vendors or escape for a few hours immersed in a the quiet culture of creativity.





The anchor of the this building is a Cinemark movie complex featuring a dozen movies in small 66-seat theaters complete with the amenities of ultra-clean rest rooms and luxury lazy-boy comfort. Today we were lucky enough to catch the latest, greatest Disney musical masterpiece starring Maui and Moana in the title role, Moana. Another animated classic with a soundtrack that is sure to rival Disney’s last latest, greatest, Frozen.

A must see for the free spirit or for those of you who like happy endings. Like the end of this post. . .

Nobody Ever Accomplished Anything By Being Ordinary


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Happy New Year!!!




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