April Fool’s? Part II

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April Fools!

We like to remind ourselves of this historic day a few years ago…

Now it’s been three years since our first published blog April Fool’s Day 2013. Fool’s? Haven’t decided… yet. We’re on the five year plan. A plan we renew every five years. It’s the “goal setting” plan for fools “free spirits”.

There hasn’t been the exotic, swinging from the masts of sailboat adventures…yet. Kinda hard to do with a fifteen year old dog that seems more and more like a donkey. That’s okay, we like donkeys AND life in the slow lane.

From the film Shrek: That’s right, fool! Now I’m a flying talking donkey! You might have seen a housefly, maybe even a superfly, but I bet you ain’t never seen a donkeyfly! Ha, ha! 

Last April…

This was my first published blog post from two years ago, April 2013. Now we can answer WHY?

Retire overseas for $700 a month?

Hali brought home this clipping and right off the bat I thought, No way!! That’s $23 and some change per day. So it got me thinking. That $700 refers to monthly expenses for one person. If I double it, could two live on $1400 a month? Yes, probably.

I took out a notebook and jotted down our monthly expenses: newspaper, utilities, gym, cable, insurance, etc, etc. I had a full page of our expenses NOT including taxes or mortgage. Imagine what the total was? Somewhere between $1200-$1400. Without these expenses, we’d have $50 a day in our pockets.

On our first trip to Europe in 1985, I brought two guidebooks. Travel guru Rick Steves’ Europe Through The Back Door and Europe on $5 a Day. At that time, Rick Steves’ was a little-known travel writer from Seattle with just Back Door, should I say, under his (money) belt. But I was fascinated by his travel savvy. Now he has his entire Europe guidebook empire which I refer to for European insights but I’m pretty sure he’s no longer staying in hostels.

That’s why Europe on $5 a Day came in handy. It was written by broke college students willing to take a room in a convent, boat, or funky abode. Our budget allowed for something in between both travel philosophies. That year we did three months in Europe for about $50 a day including rail passes. If we did it then, we certainly could do it today.

From the time I saw that clipping until today, our strategy for the end game was inspired. Stay tuned.

Realistically, I think we were considering a launch date for Fall 2015. In the last two years, we have hustled away most of our things. Some of our beloved things but our most cherished things fit on an 5′ by 8′ rug 7′ high. This will go into storage and retrieved when we need it. So we are a few months ahead of schedule. Until then, we pack up the van, a couple packs, the dog, and head south.↓ Then east.→

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Fool’s? We’ll see in a couple years. Stay tuned.


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