Approaching One Hundred

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In a week, Carlos will be fourteen years old. That’s ninety-eight in dog years. By Christmas, he’ll be approaching one hundred. That’s old. So old he’s adopted the new nickname old man ‘Los.

Old Man 'Los

Frosty Muzzled~Old Man ‘Los

Sure he’s got old man issues.  The most obvious are his lopsided ears: one floppy, the other cauliflowered. A couple little lumps on his tummy. He still eats three square meals a day and devours everything except corn(too much trouble getting it off the cob) and pickles. The puppy breath is long gone~if you catch my drift. He walks slower and stubbornly insists on going his way. And like old man Woody, Carlos has a morning cough we refer to as his old man hack.

A few of my neighbors think I’ll walk the dog to death, but most(the ones with dogs) claim it’s the reason for his longevity. Three outings a day, every day, for fourteen years. Some may say, “who’s got who trained?” They’re probably right. Should be me at the collar end of the leash. But hey, he may be the healthiest dog in the neighborhood. Bah! Fourteen!!

Despite his old manliness, Carlos still has his frisky moments. ‘Los has always been more settled when the three of us are around. This past weekend, Carli was home and boy, was Carlos happy. Family of three again. Three it’s the magic number. It’s True! Carlos CAN count! Let’s hope he can count beyond one hundred.

Happy Birthday old man ‘Los!

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Proof tha

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