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I remember this day like it was yesterday, only it’s tomorrow. That’s right, Friday is Carli’s birthday. So today, let me share our Saturday twenty-two years ago. It was a beautiful sunny day here in Oregon when this baby arrived…


Bald, but pretty, Baby

When we left the hospital that Sunday we didn’t know what to call… IT?  You see, in the final months of pregnancy we were certain we were having a boy. We had HIS name picked out, the room painted blue, cute baseball outfits, and even his name printed on this announcement…


… Baby?

All these so-called “mommy experts” said we’ll have a boy, IF:

  • Hali was “carrying” the baby low in her tummy~Boy!
  • The DRAINO test turned pee blue~Boy!!
  • The needle dangling over Hali’s bloated belly pointed up~Boy!!!

I suppose we should have taken into account the accuracy of these tests, but in our minds we were having a boy. All week long we were wondering what to call her. Kinda like naming your new puppy.

But we lucked out. Barcelona Spain was hosting the Summer Olympics and there was this spry little Spanish competitor in rythmic gymanastics named Carmen. That’s it! Carmen! We both loved the music in that opera, it’s pretty, a bit off the beaten path. Done, Carmen!

The next day we submitted the completed birth certificate.


Listen Here Baby, No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts!!! It’s Carmen!

The day after that, I was repainting her bedroom, taking back the baseball outfits, and even though she resembled Charlie Brown, editing the birth announcement.

Point Is ~~~>EVERY DAY we are lucky to have THIS little girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARMEN! aka Carli, aka HiCarliii, and the many other nicknames she’s embraced along the way.

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