Always Smiling

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Last week I wrote about the long hours Carli works. The few days Carli gets off every month she’s working toward bettering her performance: workshops, auditions, dental work. Never complaining. Always smiling.

As a kid growing up, there must have been complaints, what kid doesn’t complain? But for the life of me (at this very moment), I can’t recall a single complaint from Carli. She ate everything I cooked, loved the rain, picked up dog poop, and never fake laughed at my hilarity. Nope, never. Always smiling and roaring in laughter.IMG_0086


The only thing I can think of that Cari has ever complained about is LAME drivers.  Hey, that’s a gimme. I’m green with envy when I see Carli brush off that LAME driver that just cut her off. I’d be loading up my trigger finger, the middle one. Not Carli, she just smiles.

Carli has always been a happy girl. Her favorite color is yellow. “Yellow, it’s a happy color. “, she’ll say. She had a yellow VW bug, a yellow bedroom, a little yellow bath duck. She recently decorated this mellow dog with yellow spots. Ask her?  Yes, yellow makes her smile.


Mellow Old Yella Fella

One time she got stung by a wasp. Did she cry? Did she run to mommy for a band-aid? Yeah, probably a Dora the Explorer Eye Patch. Did she complain about the pain, the swollen exploding face, the funny looks she’ll get? Nope, she just smiled. For Carli, smiling works. And for work, Carli smiles.

IMG_0825 2

Always Smiling

And when you’re with Carli, smiling is contagious. Not a bad epidemic to be infected with. Go ahead, catch it.

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