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With the new airbnb headquarters moving into Portland, we’d thought we give this outfit a shot. Not in Portlandia, but here visiting sunny San Diego.


airbnb sunny San Diego

This trip we planned on taking our new “packed” packs on a road test. Yes, Hali made me pack for 52 weeks but most of that stuff was squeezed into little organized packing cubes. You know, those tiny compartments that keep socksnunderwear separate from cordsngadgets from T’snshirts from passportsnpostcards

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22n24 Pound Packs

Yep, flew down this morning, hopped on a bus and headed downtown. First stop, Hodad’s. After putting down our 22n24 pound packs we stepped up to the counter and pulled out this coupon. That’s right, “no-shame” Woody brings along this preprinted coupon to save a few bucks on the World’s Greatest Burger.



An hour later we were checking in with Amy, our host, in a charming bungalow in the South Park neighborhood. With our own private secure entrance, own bath facility, coffeensnacks, we felt right at homeI think we’re going to like this new outfit, airbnb.

Throw in use of this 7-speed beach cruiser and we’re off pedalingnenjoying sunny San Diego.


A Schwinn…Schwing!!

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