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P1010677_2Anyone thinking it’s expensive to fly these days better get off their tails and take a look at current airfares.

I just booked a one-way flight on Southwest for Carli to fly NON-STOP from Chicago back to Orlando for $63 and some change. She’ll depart Illinois at 1pm and arrive in Florida by 5pm.

No, this was not in the middle of winter with a 21-day advanced purchase. This is an e-ticket purchased yesterday to fly during the peak of summer in less than two weeks.

My biggest suggestion for air travelers is to sign up for email airfare alerts. Most airlines do this as well as travel websites like Kayak, Airfarewatchdog, Skyscanner, etc. Another tip would be to pay for this. Don’t use mileage points because there are fees attached to the points you use. Southwest has a minuscule five dollar TSA fee for using points (each one-way) but other airlines’ fees could add up. In addition, you’d be adding points to your account simply by purchasing these tickets. AND if you carry their credit card, these mileage points double or triple.

Sure there’s the hassle of getting to and from airports, security lines, bad/expensive airport food, limited leg room, grouchy travelers, etc., but I think even the wariest traveler could put up with a two hour flight to come home to visit family.


Carli just happens to be extending a trip. She’ll be rendezvousing with Sarah in Nashville for a couple days and then flying up here to Chicago a few more. That keeps us here in ChicagoLand a couple more weeks, at the least. Maybe we should look into flying back to Portland. Oh crap, what about Carlos?

Duly Noted: Ours is green!


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