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Ever since I returned from Europe it’s been non-stop with a busy schedule. Jetlagged, I jumped back into work: getting one day off a week, and six doubles in a row. My paycheck was more than twice a normal week, made the doubles all worth it.

Days off are very much needed, especially to unpack my smelly clothes. Adulting got in the way of my day to day routine. For example, my car tags expired the end of September, so I take the day off, October 1st , to deal. Driving forty minutes to the well-loved DMV, I was told the system for registration was down. Even after making an appointment for this, no one informed me I should call first?! My next day off to deal, was a week later. MEANWHILE, my tags have EXPIRED.

One thing leads to another… My roommate’s friend backed into my parked car

Sad Car Dent

Sad Car Dent

leaving a decent dent. I get to learn how car insurance works! First Session: how to file a claim. All hands on, when learning to be an adult, right?

Lease is up in two months, roommates want to split.

Don’t get me started on Open Enrollment!!!

Took my car to a body shop, no systems were down, and the staff were responsive! The estimate was around $850, which I believe too high, but what do I know about cars? The answer is, nothing. Wait! I know how to drive it. Should’ve paid more attention to my handy man of a Father when he fixed our cars.

Come to learn adulting will always be something to face. Even my wise parents have to adult. My parents who sold everything in our house to get the opportunity to travel, still have to adult,;even when it sounds like they have zero worries in the world. They get to adult by helping me understand how to become a confident adult.

And then there’s my job… yes, I work crazy hours and get a gracious amount of benefits. However, I get to play dress-up and interact with some wonderful people. The amount of time I spend with being an adult to child’s play is a perfect and healthy balance. Even though a relaxing day off is much needed, I shouldn’t be so upset on this battle of adulthood, because I’m well off right now with my life. Come to think of it, all of this learning will make for a smoother future when I graduate from Adulting 101. Let’s be real though, kids have it way easier.

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