Adios Neighbor

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In the year we’ve been in our little house we’ve become friendly with our next door neighbors. Turns out they have the same ambition as us. They are becoming ex-pats in Mexico. The difference is they sold they’re house in less than a week, then were scrambling to sell, store, or donate their lifelong belongings within a month. Also, their dog, Ralph, did not outlive their “plan” and that’s why we’re in a cold van and they’re in a warm cabana down in San Miguel Allende.


They couldn’t store these bikes and were ready to donate them. I said, “Donate them to me. I’ll sell them for you.”  These bikes were low milage Bianchis. Highly desirable come spring in bike-friendly Portland. “I’ll sell them in a week.” I sold them in a day and his money was in his Paypal account the next day.

Mi amigo Miguel asked, “What’s your normal Craigslist commission? In response, “For you my friend, a couple rounds in the local cantina when we visit.

They were back in Portland for a week to retrieve their car before a road trip across the border. As promised, they bought us a couple beers and tacos from the “taco lab” up on Alberta. Not quite Mexico… so we’re holding out for that local cantina in San Miguel.

RIDE ON amigos!!

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