A Tale Of Soup

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Anyone remember the soup Nazi episode on Seinfeld? “No soup for you!”

Yea, he had mulligatawny and shrimp bisque but did he have kangaroo tail soup? No, so here’s his chance. I just placed this ad on Craigslist

Be the only family on your block to have this in your kitchen pantry. Impress your friends with your culinary tastes. Maybe you’re a superficial soup aficionado. Embellish this soup with your favorite local ingredients- remember a recipe is only a guide. Don’t like your in-laws? Serve this soup on the holiday table. Speaking of holidays, get your white elephant Christmas gift way before Black Friday. Save thousands of dollars by NOT traveling to the outback to try this soup when you can get it right here in Portland for a mere $5.

Or simply help me reach my goal of selling one thing a week by taking this off my hands. Yours for $5!! It’s been a slow week.



Vintage? Yes. Hali doesn’t remember where she got it but it has been in her pantry since the ’70’s. This can of soup has weathered the 1989 quake, three moves, the 1996 Willamette River flood, five 49er Super Bowl victories, the resignation of Oregon’s Governor and is still properly labeled “ready to eat”.

I’m waiting for the call from either the soup Nazi or the Heath Department. And as I say to all my potential Craigslist buyers, “First come, first served.”


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